Blogging is an awesome way to access information on a specific topic that you want to learn more about. In my free time, I have my own blog that I post to regarding nutrition information and my journey with health. It is an excellent medium for people to interact with information on subjects that cannot be summarized via social media apps like Instagram or Twitter– or be characterized in 250 words or less. As a future educator, I think that blogs are highly beneficial for students and teaching professionals to use, as they allow for open discussion and provoke thought among their readers. In my own classroom, I would make my blog open to my class and other educators. That way, the student (or educator) could look up any additional information that they missed in class (for further clarification) or in the case of educators, see what types of lessons and activities I am doing with my students. Blogs are a wonderful platform to get involved with your education in a way that goes beyond social media. It is a step further than Twitter or Instagram: offering a deeper understanding of those around you.