Twitter chats

Prior to reading this article, I did not know what Twitter chats were. It was incredible to learn that simply from searching up a hashtag, one could look at past chats or even live chats– all in which they could interact with. Typically Twitter chats include an A and a number following it, signifying what question a person participating in the chat is answering. It is good to note that Twitter chats work on real time, so people participating in them can see immediate tweets in response to their questions. That is why Twitter chats are considered one of the best ways for educators to connect with other educators and keep open dialogue in relation to new resources and ideas, or assistance if they need it. In terms of time, Twitter chats generally last one hour and the time is predetermined by the group of educators. That way there is a greater probability of participants and more interaction via the chat. The biggest takeaway, personally, was to be prepared for the chat ahead of time, so that you could have the best possible experience with Twitter chats.

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